Beard Implants

Beard Implants

Have you always wanted a full thick beard but really struggled with growing one? Well, now there is the option to have Beard Transplant Surgery! Controversial, yet effective, beard implants - no matter what the opinion is a real ‘thing’. As the name suggests, the process involves implanting hair from another area of the body onto your facial hair area. Most commonly, the hair the implant comes from the patients back of the head or from under the chin if there’s any visible growth there.

The hair on the back of the head is easier to collect, but it’s also slightly different in structure and harder to match. The procedure itself isn’t a straightforward one either, it involves cutting out the whole hair follicle from the area it’s to be taken from and transplant them into the bald spots in your facial hair area. This process is extremely difficult and requires the steady hand of an experienced hair transplant surgeon.

When it comes to costs, Beard Transplant Surgery is EXPENSIVE. Just the consultation alone will set you back £100-£300. The procedure itself could start from around £1750 and of course, the price depends on the coverage you want; a full thick beard will obviously cost more than a goatee.

With any kind of surgery there will be pros and cons involved. Facial hair implants are generally seen as “relatively safe” thing to undergo and if successful you could have the beard of your dreams. However, there’s a chance of the graft going in too deep, causing further issues with ingrown and the surgeon must work hard in ensuring that all the hairs he/she attaches go in with correct direction so that it aligns naturally and looks real!

There’s a lot to learn and consider when deciding to have beard implants, so I recommend if you’re going to take this route, be sure to do as much research as possible to make sure it’s the right thing for you.