Beard Tool Guide

‘What do you put in your beard to make it look like that, bro?’ A lot of the time, other men think my beard looks the way it does purely based on the products I use - Yes, the products play a huge role in beard health and appearance, but do you know what’s also important? The tools you are using before, during and after your beard routine. Let me talk you through my beard tool guide – WATCH THIS.



Preparation is key – In order for the products to be properly absorbed into the skin and hair, you need to ensure your beard is ready to receive them. Always start off with adding some water using a Mist Spray Bottle. This particular spray bottle will moisten your beard rather than completely drench it and this is what I recommend to loosen the strands before combing. Next, you need to use a beard comb or afro pick to comb through any knots and continue to loosen those beard hairs. I personally prefer a bamboo pick, as it causes less friction and pulls out less hairs.



Once you have applied your CBN Growth Oil and Beard & Hair Cream, you’ll need a Beard Brush to distribute the products now evenly across the whole beard. Brushing your beard will also get beneath the skin to remove trapped dead skin cells by exfoliating, reducing any itchiness and beard dandruff.



Invest in a good Beard Trimmer and Beard Scissors to perform routine beard maintenance in between visits to your barber (If you have a moustache, it also better to use scissors rather than a trimmer as you will have more precision and control). The larger your beard the more important these tools will be for you as you’ll want to keep the shape and cut off the unruly hairs that won’t stay in place! Don’t forget to apply your CBN Beard Balm for styling, extra hold and to finish off your beard grooming routine.


Beard Tool List:

  1. Mist Spray Bottle
  2. Beard Comb/Bamboo Afro Pick
  3. Beard Brush
  4. Beard Trimmer
  5. Beard Scissors