Night-Time Beard Routine


It’s easy to assume that your morning routine for your beard will be the same as the night, however, this is a common mistake. Just as the du-rag before bed is to the wavers journey, night grooming routines also play a prominent part in the health and maintenance in your beard journey. Before your beauty sleep, it’s important to ensure your beard is hydrated. What I find useful at keeping me consistent with this is the L.O.C method. The L.O.C method is a moisturisation layering technique that consists of applying liquid to hydrate the hair, oil to lock in moisture and cream to prevent moisture loss. Still stuck? No worries, I’ll share with you my step-by-step night routine.


STEP ONE: Wash off the day (This is the ‘L’ in L.O.C)

If you’re like me, after a long hard day working at the office, I like to have a shower before bed. The key here is to make sure the shower isn’t too hot (tempting during this time of year) as this will strip the beard of any moisture it does have, making it super dry. You don’t always need to use a beard shampoo, this should be used in moderation and only a few times week. Depending on the day you have, you will decide whether a full wash or just a rinse is needed to remove the built-up dirt and grime. Once you’re out of the shower, dab your beard gently with a towel until it’s 90% dry, then gently comb through.


STEP TWO: L.O.C in some Moisture

Now that your beard is semi-dry, you need to hydrate it. The Constituted by Nature Extra Strength Beard Oil is the next step in your night-time routine (The ‘O’ in L.O.C). Apply a few drops over the whole beard and then use a comb to carefully distribute evenly to all your strands. Wait a few minutes to allow this to fully absorb into the hair.

The next step (The ‘C’ in L.O.C) would be to use a conditioning cream/beard butter. The Constituted by Nature Beard and Hair Conditioning Cream is a great beard butter that’s been whipped into a smooth easy to apply consistency. Rub a small amount into the palm of your hands then stroke through your beard in a downward motion, followed by the comb to ensure it’s been spread throughout the beard.



Some would say this might be a bit OTT, but if you’re serious about your beard journey you’d invest in a silk beard cover or pillowcase. During the night, we tend to move around a fair bit in our sleep and our beards will of course bare the brunt of this friction from the pillowcase as it absorbs the oils from the hair and skin, leaving them dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Bearded men have expressed a noticeable improvement in the softness of their beards, as well as in their skin. So, in a nutshell, silk pillowcases are beneficial for the whole head!