Why Trimming your beard is important

Between visits to your barber, you should be maintaining your beard at home. The longer and thicker the beard is, the more attention it’ll require and if you want your beard to be attractive, you’ve got to take care of it. Beards tend to have a mind of their own once they get to a certain length and depending on your growth pattern, you’ll find that it can grow longer from the bottom, longer out the sides or even lop-sided; the key is to trim regularly so that it keeps its shape and compliments your face. One thing to remember is, trimming doesn’t slow down the growth, it just helps it to stay looking neat and healthy. So, here’s some more reasons why you should get snipping.


Your beard will appear fuller

Beard strands do grow at different rates, so you may have areas that are shorter and areas that are longer. Trimming the hairs off the ends and around the sides will ensure it’s the same length all around and will make the beard appear thicker and fuller.


Fewer knots and tangles

Once you do regular trims, you’ll find that a well-kept beard has fewer knots and tangles. Tangles will make you look messy, shaggy and just unsophisticated. The knots will eventually break off causing split ends and making your beard appear uneven. Trimming your facial hair, along with regular brushing will reduce the knots and in turn reduce any breakage.


Removes split ends

Split ends are often caused when your beard reaches a certain length and has begun to dry out. Not only are split ends ugly but they can be damaging to the growth of your beard and its overall health. If you notice any split ends, cut them off immediately as the longer you leave them the higher the split will travel up the hair shaft. The facial hair will then become brittle and then finally snap off. Once trimmed, keep hydrated by using our Extra Strength Beard Oil along with our Beard and Hair Conditioning Cream.


Enhances face structure

Trimming and shaping your beard adds structure to your face. If you want your face to appear sharper near the jawline or take on a longer appearance to even out chubbier cheeks, you’re able to manipulate and trim hairs to your desired look. You’ll be surprised just how much a regular trim can improve your appearance – Invest in some good scissors and take the time out to learn what works best for you.