5 Things you should know before growing your beard

As we head into the New Year a lot of us will be reflecting and beginning to plan New Year’s Resolutions. The most popular New Year’s resolutions are about self-improvement (living healthier 23% of people, getting happy 21%, losing weight 20%, exercising 7%, stopping smoking 5%, reducing drinking 2%). (Tracy Brower, Forbes 2021). If in 2022, you’ve decided to take your beard growth journey more seriously, we thought we’d share some very important things you should know before you decide to grow your facial hair.


Patience will be your new middle name

As I’ve said before in the blog ‘The Beard Struggle’, patience key when you are starting out especially. Some days it’ll feel like it’s not growing very much however, the right care and attention is what is needed to encourage hair growth and maintain its good health.


The bigger the beard, the harder to maintain

Some of us have bigger beards than others. As nice as it may seem, they take a lot of work to look this good. Bigger, longer beards tend to get tangled more often, get food caught in them and can make you appear shaggy. All you must do is invest in some great quality products like Constituted by Nature, some grooming tools and stick to a routine. Trust me it’s worth the time and effort!


Eating won’t be the same

We’ve written a whole blog on this called, ‘Eating with a beard’ – Once your beard grows, eating will never be the same and you’ll learn how to adapt to avoid looking a mess whilst eating something as basic as soup! Some of our tips include, using utensils more often, putting less on the fork/spoon or even carrying wet wipes around with you (everywhere!).


The itching stops

In the early stages, you might feel that the itch is too much and just decide to shave it all off – don’t! The itching is temporary and normally caused by dry skin and coarse facial hair. Make sure to regularly use beard oil to maintain hydration of the beard and the skin underneath. The oil will also encourage new growth which always is a plus.


You will get a lot of attention… from other men!

It’s not all bad! Sporting a long, healthy and full beard means you will begin to get attention from not only ladies but other men. Men will stop you in the street to compliment you on your beard and ask your advice on ‘How you get it to look like that’. So be prepared to share all your secrets and even become part of a beard gang community.