Beard Benefits

In recent times, growing and wearing a beard has become much of a trend amongst men, however, in the past, different cultures wore beards for many other reasons, such as:

  • As a sign of masculinity
  • For religious purposes
  • As a symbol of wisdom
  • To show great virility
  • For warmth in cold climates

 Some of these reasons are still relevant today but let’s look at other reasons why you may want to consider growing yours.


Protection from the sun

As we all should know by now the sun can cause a lot of damage to our skin. Therefore we are encouraged to wear an SPF, however, a beard could be an alternative (well, for some of the face). Obviously, men who are beardless are more likely to suffer from sunburn, wrinkles and might age a little quicker than a man with one. According to studies, beards can block up to 95 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays and therefore you’d be less likely to suffer from dark spots, have fewer wrinkles and lower your chances of having skin cancer.


Protects in the winter months

Not only are you protected from the sun, beards also are useful during the colder months too. As it's getting colder you might want to consider growing a beard to act as protection against the elements and to keep your face warm and insulated.


Helps prevent throat infections and assists with asthma

Beards, as I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog, act as a net. During the day, it catches dirt, pollen and particles and helps to stop these things from entering the mouth and causing infection. This this is especially useful for men who live in the city where the air is heavily polluted. Don’t forget to invest in a beard wash to remove the dirt and bacteria build up regularly.


Makes you feel more attractive

Maybe the least important to some, but facial hair generally makes a man feel more masculine and confident; just like the ancient civilizations, when beards were a sign of great strength, wisdom, and masculinity. You might even find that it helps with attracting the ladies!