Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Often, when buying products for your beard, it’s important to understand what is what, for the best results. Beard oil and beard balm are two very important items that ideally should be a part of your beard grooming routine. They have different usages and advantages for your beard and some men do tend to use one over the other, however, I’ll explain the reason why you should try incorporating both.


Beard oil

You ever look at another man’s beard and think ‘Damn, his beard is glistening’? Well, that’s down to a beard oil. Our Extra Strength Beard Oil is packed with a combination of 100% pure, natural carrier and essential oils including Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Black Seed Oil and Vitamin E. All these combined have moisturising properties that penetrate the hairs and reach the skin underneath the beard preventing it from becoming dry and flaky. As the beard oil is light, it doesn’t give you a greasy texture or weigh it down. What it does do is gives a good shine and probably likely to get you some attention (from women and other men) and a heap of compliments. The oil also assists in growing your beard as part of a routine, along with many other important factors such as a healthy lifestyle, regular washing and trimming. We recommend using our beard oil daily on a damp beard, just a few pumps is all you need.


Beard Balm

Beard balm is often a product that is overlooked, and many men tend to leave this out of their routine if they already use an oil. Our Beard Balm’s main ingredient is yellow beeswax which is high in vitamin A and contains small amounts of antibacterial agents. We’d recommend using this alongside our Extra Strength Beard Oil as it conditions, softens and tames the hair keeping the beard nice and neat through the day. The consistency of it is solid and al ot thicker than the oil, so adds volume and will make your beard appear thicker. We recommend using our Beard Balm every day after using our Extra Strength Beard Oil. Just rub sparingly into the palm of your hand until it melts and smooth on in a downward motion until you have the desired look.

Our advice when starting out with your beard growth journey is to use your beard oil as your main product to encourage growth and prevent any dryness and itchiness. Once your beard has some length to it, that’s the bets time to incorporate the beard balm as you’ll need it to work alongside the oil to condition, manage and style the hairs and keep it looking neater for longer. If you have any questions, send them in using the comment section below.