Beard Steaming


As you know by now, the winter months can wreak havoc on your beard, drying it out and causing excessive breakage if not properly taken care of. The solution is to go crazy with hydration. The more hydrated the beard is, the more likely it is to retain length, health and keep those compliments flowing all year round.

In our earlier blogs, we mentioned ways to add moisture to your facial hair, this can be with products such as our Beard Balm or Beard and Hair Conditioning Cream or using the LOC method. Another way we’d recommend is by beard steaming. Beard steaming can be seen somewhat as a luxury, “bougie” thing to do, however, your face fuzz will THANK YOU for it! A hot steam is one of the best things that you can do for your beard; It helps in opening the pores of your skin, increases blood flow and circulation which is a major factor in beard growth. It increases the moisture by 25% which in turn strengthens the follicles and helps to reduce breakage and split ends. The steam also works well with the products you use locking in moisture, conditioning the hair for longer lasting softness.

Steaming is particularly great for guys with a coarser beard texture as the extra moisture softens and smooth's the hair shaft making it easier for combing/brushing and styling.

‘But where can I get this done?’, I hear you asking. Beard steaming can be done at home, you can purchase a facial steamer as a DIY option or try your local barber. This is becoming a more popular treatment to have amongst men, and they may have it available as a service.