Beard Styles 101

Beard Styles 101 

I know that many people think growing a beard is as easy as 123, well I hate to tell you that it's not. My beard has gone through many different phases in the last 10 years - Boy it’s been a journey and Constituted by Nature products were created off the back of it.

When growing a beard, there's a few things you must take into consideration, for example:

  1. Your face shape; is it oval, square or round?
  2. Your personality; are you wild and adventurous or simple and sophisticated
  3. Your hair texture; curly or straight?


With that in mind, here’s 4 of the most common beard styles in 2021:


The Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is great for men who tend not to grow much hair on the face and struggle to achieve a thick, full beard. It's easy to maintain, generally takes a few days to come in after a shave and is perfect for men with baby faces as it adds maturity. Despite the easiness of this look, it’s still important to look after it so you don't appear scruffy.


The Goatee

The Goatee is essentially just hair on the upper lip and chin and sometimes this can be connected to frame the mouth. This type of beard generally looks good on men with slim faces and quite angular jawlines. I’ve definitely tried this in my younger days!


The Beard Fade

The beard fade is very modern and has become a trend like the fade we typically get done on our heads during a trip to the barber. However, to achieve this look you must bear in mind that it requires consistent growth across the face and frequent trips to the barber if your hair grows in fast.


The Short Beard

The short beard is a classic beard style as it’s neat (suitable for the office) and generally suits most face shapes. It's very versatile and if you're going to go for this style, I recommend you customise it to suit your face. For example, if you have a slim face, you could allow the sides of the beard to grow slightly longer to add width.


The Big Full Beard (A personal favourite)

The big full beard is a popular one if you can achieve this look. However, it’s hard to maintain, you must have a lot of patience and be prepared to put in the work to keep it looking at its best. When done correctly, this type of beard adds charm and originality. It typically suits oval faces, however, to compliment a different face shape you may need to tailor it. For example, a round face shape may want to grow a big full beard quite long and short on the sides, which will elongate the face.


What’s your go to beard style? – Drop us a comment!