Choosing A Beard Style

You will remember from the earlier blog ‘Beard styles 101’, I spoke about the different types of beard styles. This time, I want to share with you the importance of shaping you beard to suit the shape of your face. This may not seem like a big deal, however, if done properly can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. The idea is to make everything as symmetrical and proportioned as possible. Below is a short guide to help you with choosing your beard style.  


Round face shape

If you have a round face and are fuller in the cheeks, the best beard shape would be long and shorter at the sides. The additional length will elongate the face, making it appear slimmer.


Oval face shape

Oval is the easiest face shape to work with. You pretty much have the option to wear it any how you’d like. Long, short, wide, you name it and an oval face can pull it off. Your beard options are limitless!


Rectangle face shape

A rectangle face, its longer than it is wide, so I’d recommend growing your beard out to the sides if possible. If you tend to have a thick and full facial hair, this will give some needed width to your face and make it look more oval. 


Square face shape

You want to avoid beard styles that make your face look wider if you have a square-shaped face. I’d recommend stubble or just keeping your beard low and closely cropped to the face.


Diamond face shape

Men with a diamond-shaped face have wide cheekbones but narrow jaw and brow lines. A full beard will widen the jaw line and compliment the angles of the face.