Don’t forget your moustache!

We talk a lot about beards, yet we rarely mention the little strip of hair that grows just above the lip – Yup, the moustache! It’s just as important to look after this as much as the beard because it contributes to the overall look. For some men, this is all the facial hair they want/can sport so they generally need to spend time grooming, moisturising, and styling their moustaches to look its best. We’ll take you through some important things to bear in mind when growing yours.

Have patience

When you start to grow your moustache, it will feel a bit odd, and it also will cause some itch and irritation. Don’t give in and cut it off, have patience with it and as it gets fuller make sure you tame and train the hairs to grow into the shape that you want.


Do with your tashe as you would with your beard

Incorporate all the beard grooming tips we’ve given you to your routine and apply them ALL to your Moustache. This includes, washing it, moisturising it regularly, brushing and combing it. You can use all the same Constituted by Nature products on your moustache too, which will encourage healthy growth.


Trim your moustache regularly

You might have to spend more time on trimming up your moustache as an overgrowth of the hair can interfere with your lips. My advice, take your time, as there is less hair to play around with here and one wrong snip can have it looking lopsided. Then you’ll continue to “fix” it until there’s no hair left! (We’ve all been there).

When trimming, make sure you’re using the right scissors. Hold them parallel to the top of your lip and carefully clip the bottom of your moustache along your lip line. Use a comb as you go along to make sure it’s even and try keeping a steady hand throughout!


Style it

The style of your moustache will be down to what suits you – If you’ve chosen one that’s quite interesting, you’ll find that you will need to spend time maintaining it. Whatever shape you do go for, use a beard/moustache wax to hold the style in place and then you’re good to go.